Hampton Roads Catholic Singles Club

                                    Catholic Singles Club-Tidewater/Hampton Roads VA


To RSVP or to ask about the club or an event please email [email protected] or call 757-898-6991. We would love to have you join us at an event!

Hampton Roads Catholic Singles Club-Upcoming Events-

JULY  2018

July 7th-Saturday-Hampton-Downtown Hampton Block Party featuring the "Deloreans" We will meet in front of the Virginia Air and Space Museum at 6 PM.

July 13th-Friday-Norfolk-Zoo Grooves featuring "The Rhondells at the Virginia Zoo-meet at zoo entrance at 5:30 PM-tickets are $10.

July 22nd-Sunday-Virginia Beach-Play "Hairspray" at the Little Theatre of Virginia Beach--Hampton-Downtown Hampton Block Party featuring "The Deloreans"-meet at 6 PM.

July 28th-Saturday-Norfolk-Tides Game at Harbor Park-meet at 6:30 PM at 3rd base gate.


August 4th-Saturday-Hampton-Downtown Hampton Block Party featuring band "Rumors" Fleetwood Mac cover band-meet at 6 PM in front of the Virginia Air and Space Museum.

August 12th-Sunday-Newport News-play "My Fair Lady" at the Peninsula Community Theatre-meet at theatre at 2 PM.


September 8th-Saturday-Virginia Beach-Lunch at Taste Unlimited-meet at 11:30 AM

September 23rd-Sunday-Virginia Beach-Play "You Can't Take it With You" at the Little Theatre of Virginia Beach-meet in theatre lobby at 2 PM

If you're not a member please call  757-898-6991 or email:

[email protected] to let us know that you are coming. We welcome new people to join us at events.