Hampton Roads Catholic Singles Club

                                    Catholic Singles Club-Tidewater/Hampton Roads VA


To RSVP or to ask about the club or an event please email [email protected] or call 757-898-6991. We would love to have you join us at an event!

Hampton Roads Catholic Singles Club-Upcoming Events-

MARCH 2019

March 15-Friday-Prayer Meeting at a Members Home-Portsmouth-
7 PM-Contact club for directions.

March 29-Friday-Norfolk-Dinner at Freemason Abbey-Meet at Restaurant at 7PM

APRIL 2019
April 6-Saturday-Norfolk-Dinner at Chili's Macarthur Mall followed by hockey game-meet at Chili's at 5 PM

MAY 2019
May 4-Saturday-Norfolk-Tides Game at Harbor Park-meet at Third base gate at 6:15 PM

May 11-Saturday-Newport News-Spring Picnic at Newport News Park-meet at shelter 15 at 1 PM

JUNE 2019
June 8-Sunday-Norfolk-Play Little Shop of Horrors at Norfolk Little Theater-meet in the lobby of the theater at 2 PM

June 15-Saturday-Virginia Beach-Lunch and Games at Dave and Buster's-meet at restaurant at 1 pm

JULY 2019
July 7-Sunday-Norfolk-Play- Chess at the Generic Theater (Chrysler  Hall)-features music by rock group Abba we will meet for dinner afterwards-meet at the theater at 2:30 PM-

If you're not a member please call  757-898-6991 or email:

[email protected] to let us know that you are coming. We welcome new people to join us at events.