Tidewater Catholic Alumni Club

Catholic Singles Club-Tidewater/Hampton Roads VA




P.O. Box 7130

Hampton,VA  23666

 The Tidewater Catholic Alumni Club (TCAC) is an organization existing to develop the spiritual and social interests of people of similar backgrounds, and to serve the Tidewater community.  We are one of numerous similar clubs throughout the US, which collectively fall under the umbrella of the Catholic Alumni Club International (CACI). 

Dues for 2017 will be $15 for the year. Membership runs for twelve months and is renewable for members in good standing. All membership applications and renewals are subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, as set forth in the TCAC Consitution.

 NOTE:  If you do not wish your address and/or phone number to appear on the Club Roster, which is mailed to all members, please indicate as (Private) next to that info.

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Members responsibilities. The Tidewater Catholic Alumni Club strives to plan and sponsor interesting events through the year for it's members. We encourage each member to help us achieve this goal by sponsoring two events through the year.