Hampton Roads Catholic Singles Club

                                    Catholic Singles Club-Tidewater/Hampton Roads VA


To RSVP or to ask about the club or an event please email [email protected] or call 757-898-6991. We would love to have you join us at an event!

Hampton Roads Catholic Singles Club-Upcoming Events-


January 21--Sunday-Virginia Beach-Play "And Then There Were None" Little Theatre of VA Beach followed by dinner at a local restaurant-Meet in the lobby of the theatre at 2 PM-you must make your own reservations at the theatre website at ltvb.com 

January 28-Sunday-Norfolk-Play Play and Dinner-meet at the Little Theater of Norfolk for the play "Rapture, Blister, and Burn" a dark comedy-meet in lobby of theater at 2 PM-afterwards we will dine at a local restaurant-you must buy your ticket online at www.ltonline.org.


February 3-Saturday-Norfolk-Dinner at YNot Pizza in Ghent followed by an ODU basketball game-meet at 5 PM at the restaurant followed by the basketball game-the game will be ODU against the University of Alabama Birmingham Blazers

February 11-Sunday-Portsmouth-Potluck Dinner and Game Day-meet at 1 PM-will be at a members home-call/email for directions

February 24-Saturday-Yorktown-Potluck Dinner and Game Night-6 PM-will be at a member's home-call/email for directions

MARCH 2018
March 17-Saturday-Norfolk-Ocean View-St. Patrick's Day Parade-meet at 8 AM-call/email for meeting location

If you're not a member please call  757-898-6991 or email:

[email protected] to let us know that you are coming. We welcome new people to join us at events.