Club Pictures Club Pictures Game Night-Chesapeake 46326900 Hiking in Nags Head 46327377 Christmas Party-Norfolk 46327582 Hike in Smithfield Hike in Windsor Castle Park 86875644 Hike in Smithfield 86875917 Hike in Newport News Park 180881203 Hike in Newport News Park 180881204 Planning Meeting-Norfolk Planning for the Regional weekend 189627781 Christmas Party-Hampton 111151288 Hockey Game-Norfolk 189627782 Hockey Game-Norfolk 189627783 Admirals Hockey Game Picture from Catholic Virginian 193031186 Regional Convention-Williamsburg 191539627 Regional Convention-Williamsburg Colonial Dancing program. 191539628 Ghost Walk Regional Convention-Williamsburg 191539629 Hike in Newport News Park 2014 There was a hike/cookout June 1st 2014. Free hot dogs/hamburgers provided by club 193031185 Picnic in Norfolk Picnic in Norfolk Aug 2014. Small crowd but we had a lot of fun. 194803565 Cookout/Hike in Newport News Park Picnic with hot dogs hamburgers provided by club. We enjoyed a pleasant walk after the cookout. 198816531 Lantern Asia program-Norfolk We visited the Norfolk Botanical Gardens to see the Lantern Asia exhibit. Very enjoyable 201449331 Lantern Asia program-Norfolk Additional picture of the Lantern Asia exhibit. 201455033 House Party-Portsmouth We had potluck dinner and then played games. Great fun. 201741127